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About ME

I'm a digital marketing expert specializing in brand research, detailed audience construction, intense demographic and psycho-graphic targeting and providing REAL RESULTS! I do not run campaigns to drive website clicks - look at my hourly rate - clients pay me to generate sales. I create ROI magic!  screen my clients' because honestly, if I don't believe in your product/service my team shouldn't be marketing it. I'll save you and I the time and heartache. I have been in the digital advertising industry for a decent amount of time and I’m highly-skilled in programmatic ad buying across a multitude of ad exchanges, but with focus on buying through social (heavy emphasis on Facebook and Instagram). I have also recently taken a liking to building Facebook Messenger bots. I have worked for large brands with budgets as large as $300K/Month. I have also worked with small businesses to create amazing results with starter budgets.

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